Council of Navarre

Location:             Arrieta 8, Pamplona

Clients:                  Government of Navarre, Heritage Service


As the new location for the Council of Navarre, an elevated floor in a magnificent office building is proposed, in one of the most central sites in Pamplona. It counts with a continuous translucent large window all along its perimeter.

The recuperation of the spatial conception of the building is projected, placing the archive in the most interior part and treating the rest of the area as an extended work plan, almost Van der Rohe style, divided by glass windows and paying special attention to the furniture´s height, with the aim of not obstructing the views of the perimeter.

At the end, with views to Carlos III avenue, the management offices. A delicate wooden box welcomes the Council´s auditorium. The rest is entrusted to the touch of “glamour” the different materials will provide: polished granite, stainless steel, walnut wood and deep red textile fitted carpet.


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