Child and Youth Mental Health Centre

Location:               Chantrea, Pamplona

Promoter:             Osasunbidea Heqlth Service, Government of Navarre

Premios:                 1st Prize Project Contest


Given the area needs demanded by the proposed programme, the building occupies as most part of the site as possible adapting and also potentiating it´s triangular form, which in our opinion holds a great interest from a formal point of view.

In the facade that looks at the square a sunken courtyard is projected, coated by a solar control latticework that avoids direct contact between the building´s sections and the outside: this space constitutes a filter between public and private space.

The programme is developed in four levels: underground, ground floor, first and second floors. Offices and rooms are located on the external facades generating an open interior patio that attracts circulation. The service area is located on the back facade.


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