Primary and Pre-primary School

Location:         Ezkaba, Pamplona

Client:                 Department of Education, Government of Navarre

Prizes:                 1st Prize Project Contest


The site awarded for the new primary and pre-primary public school is near Pamplona´s Ronda Norte bypass, in a extreme of the housing development plan Ezkaba.

The building adopts a lineal form parallel to the existing square, direction North-South. The disposition in two volumes of this proposal arises from the needs proposed in the programme: the classrooms are concentrated in the biggest piece while the rest of the programme is located in an independent pavilion communicated with the main one through a crystal passage.

The pre-primary classrooms, the dining-room and the administrative area are located in the ground area for an optimal functioning of the centre. The rest of the primary classrooms are divided between the first and second floors, and the gym is placed above the dining-room.

A compact volumetric building is sought, with a good form factor. Simplicity has been the main object in the approach towards the corridors, clearly differentiating staff and public spaces with a circulation that favours comfort and quality in the studying spaces as well as evacuation in case of fire.  

The proposed materials are sought to contribute in highlighting a certain degree of abstraction from the proposal. Face brick is used on the blind walls while the main facades are built on a corrugated sheet that stresses the horizontality of the proposed building, producing a certain vibration on the facade.


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