Chantrea Library

Location:         Arriurdiñeta Square, Chantrea, Pamplona

Client:                 Pamplona City Hall, Strategic Projects and Works

Prizes:                 1st Prize Project Contest

                                  Selected 8th Camuñas Foundation Young Architects Exhibition

                                  Finalist COAVN 2005


The site where the library will be established is situated in Arriurdiñeta Square. Rectangular in shape, it contributes to conform the square, closing it on the south side.

The building is developed on the ground floor to improve access and minimise traffic. Simplicity has been the main object in the approach towards the corridors clearly differentiating the space used for public use from the one necessary for the staff´s use.

A large entrance hall is projected that takes the user towards the rest of the areas and allows communication between the square and the street through it. Likewise it can be used as a space for exhibitions adding to the the one set aside for multiple purposes.

The general lecture room is placed in the building´s north wing, counting with a series of reading spaces by the glass facade. The newspapers and magazines reading area has been located next to the entrance, with perhaps a more informal furniture, with small individual seats.

The children´s area is situated in the south wing, with controlled views of an inner courtyard, and separated from the rest of the room through a glassed closure, closer to children´s characteristics.


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