Elgorriaga Spa

Location:        Elgorriaga (Navarre)

Client:                Ministry of Housing

Prizes:                1st Prize Project Contest


The site for the new spa is situated south of Elorriaga´s town centre, limited by the main road to Leitza and the banks of the Ezkurra river, in the spot where an old spa used to be and where we can still find a few ruins of what used to be the guard´s residence and the boiler room, as well as the original salt water well.

A compact building of a strong volumetric impact, not native to the zone´ character, is avoided. A continuous tissue of spaces and volumes, of a contained scale, capable of defining the spatial relations with the surrounding scenery, is proposed.

The outside and inside spaces melt and integrate, creating controlled spaces in the way of squares that favour a direct relation with the hotel users and the gardens, the promenade along the river and urbanised elements on the exterior. In this way the sense of being at a hospital that accompanies these type of programmes is softened.

The cafeteria and dining area take part in the panoramic terrace formed by the different pieces and from where the leisure pool is perceived as an essential key of the spa´s development . The swimming zone is totally developed on the base, in contact with the ground. The spa reception flows into the information and changing rooms areas. The therapeutic pool is the centre from which the circulation of access to the dry and humid areas is established.


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